Who are these courses for?

  • All horses!

    Horses undergoing rehabilitation from injuries and surgery; Horses on box rest; Elderly or retired horses; Horses in regular training; Young horses not yet in ridden work

  • These courses will teach you:

    Simple exercises for your horse from the ground; Exercises in the stable, in the arena and hacking; A range of exercises to support your horses training or rehabilitation journey

  • And..

    To understand which exercises to use and when; How to progress low intensity exercises; How to positively influence your horses posture



Gillian Tabor

Gillian Tabor is a Chartered Physiotherapist who has been working as an ACPAT Veterinary Physiotherapist for nearly 20 years. She specialises in physio for horses, with the focus on treatment, management and rehabilitation. With experience in treating all types of horses, Gillian uses her physiotherapy skills, in combination with knowledge of biomechanics, to help your horses. When teaching online exercise and rehab, the programme is specifically selected to improve your horses posture, performance, balance and strength. Gillian has completed a doctorate in equine physiotherapy and is the programme manager and lectures on the MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy course at Hartpury University. She undertakes research, in both her own equine projects and when supervising students.


  • Do I need any special equipment?

    No, you can do the exercises in a headcollar and lead rope. Whilst I recommend a cavesson (more information within the course) it is not essential

  • I don't have an arena, can I still do the exercises?

    Yes! You do not need an arena, an area of level ground will be ideal. However please make sure it is enclosed for you and your horse's safety.

  • Is there a time limit on the course?

    No, you can work through the programme at your own pace, in your own timeframe.

  • Can you help me on a one-2-one basis?

    Yes, please do contact me to discuss individualised packages.

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